Our Dried hazelnut twigs

At our hazelnut plantations, we carefully harvest approximately 2000 kg of wood between July and August. A portion of this, between 500-1000 kg, is meticulously dried, while the remainder is processed along with tree pruning into environmentally friendly wood chips. These wood chips form the basis of our sustainable heat source, emphasizing our commitment to the environment.

Dried hazelnut branches are also suitable for animal needs. Perfect for rabbits, squirrels, guinea pigs, and more, they provide a natural and nutritious supplement for the pen. From the latest hazelnut harvest, dried gently with sunshine from our own cultivation, and packed with natural nutrients.

Our products stand for quality, sustainability, and responsibility. With our wood procurement, we reduce waste and use natural resources efficiently. At the same time, we provide your furry companions with a healthy and tasty diet. We invite you to discover our eco-friendly products and meet both your heating material needs and the needs of your animals.


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