Our Sunflower seeds

2023 marked the launch of our new pilot project, where we initiated the cultivation of sunflowers on a total area of 7 hectares for the first time. Half of this area is dedicated to a special bird feed variety, while the other half is reserved for a variety intended for processing in bakeries and food-grade applications.

Our primary goal in this pilot project is to offer high-quality sunflower seeds for animal feed. These seeds remain intact and unshelled, preserving their full natural nutritional value. This provides a healthy and nutritious supplement for your animals' diet.

Regarding the variety intended for processing in bakeries and food, we are currently in discussions to find a suitable partner capable of shelling the seeds. This crucial step is necessary to ensure the highest quality and safety for human consumption. We are working diligently to realize this in the near future.

Our current project is just the beginning. Our long-term goal is to expand our cultivation and production capacities. We are committed to providing high-quality sunflower products for animals and humans while intensifying our sustainability efforts. With your interest and support, we can successfully scale and evolve our pilot project. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and new developments as we continuously expand and enhance our offerings. We look forward to having you accompany us on our journey and providing you with high-quality sunflower products.


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