Our Nut liqueur & nut spirit

Our Rieser hazelnut liqueurs and Rieser nut spirit are true treasures of Bavarian craftsmanship. The hazelnut liqueur captivates with freshly roasted hazelnuts and a subtle vanilla note. On the other hand, our hazelnut spirit is obtained through careful distillation, turning high-quality hazelnuts into an intensely aromatic spirit with an alcohol content of 40% by volume.

The main difference between nut liqueur and nut spirit lies in the method of production and alcohol content. Nut liqueur is produced through the maceration of nuts in alcohol, with the addition of sugar, flavors, and spices. This results in a sweet liqueur with an alcohol content of approximately 20-30 volume percent.

Nut spirit is produced through distillation. Hazelnuts are mashed into alcohol and then distilled, resulting in a higher alcohol content of approximately 40 to 50 volume percent and a more intense, natural nut flavor.

Nut liqueurs are therefore sweeter and less alcoholic, while nut spirit has a higher alcohol content and a more pronounced nut aroma. 

Especially characteristic of our products are the traditional stoneware bottles, emphasizing the rustic and traditional indulgence experience.

Our nut liqueurs and nut spirits stand for quality, tradition, and pure taste.


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