Our Walnut kernels

Our enthusiasm for walnuts from our neighbouring country France is unbroken. We are convinced that they are among the best walnuts in terms of flavour, quality and environmental standards. That is why we only offer walnuts in shell from France, especially from Grenoble (AOP) and Périgord (AOP).

We source around 50 per cent of our walnuts in shell from Grenoble, while the rest come from the Perlim company in Perigord. What we love about French walnuts is their crunchiness and their protected designation of origin (AOP). The walnuts are sold dry in their shells.

For us, these valuable fruits, which are easy to store, are a real treat. We are proud to offer our customers only the best walnuts from France and to have a piece of French delicatessen tradition in our range.

In Grenoble and the Périgord, which are part of the Massif Central and Alps regions, walnuts are grown thanks to their drained soils and sufficient rainfall. These are the best conditions for guaranteeing good quality fruit.

The walnuts from these regions are cleaned, sorted and dried according to traditional savoir-faire.

They bear the Grenoble and Périgortd protected designations of origin, which guarantees high quality.

The Franquette variety is present in both regions, while Mayett and Parisienne are found in Grenoble and Corne and Marbot in Périgord.


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