Hazelnut Bars - Naturally Delicious Baking


For the Dough:
130 g Butter or margarine
130 g Sugar
2 Eggs
300 g Flour
1 tsp, leveled Baking powder

For the Topping:
4 tbsp Apricot jam
200 g Butter or margarine
200 g Sugar
2 packets Vanilla sugar
200 g Ground hazelnuts
200 g Chopped hazelnuts
4 tbsp Water
Chocolate icing


Preparation: about 45 minutes
Baking: about 25 minutes
Quantity: about 32 delicious Rieser Nut cookies

  1. Spread the dough on a lightly greased baking sheet. Spread a layer of apricot jam on it.

  2. Heat butter, sugar, and a touch of vanilla in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves. Sprinkle the delicious Rieser hazelnuts and combine with a little water to form a homogeneous mass. Place this nut mixture on the prepared dough.

  3. Bake in the oven at a cozy 175°C for about 25 minutes until golden brown. While still warm, cut into rectangular pieces first, then into triangular shapes, and dip the tips into the icing or chocolate glaze.

Organic hazelnut kernels natural brown Germany, raw food quality
Quantity:: 1 kg

1 kg
Variants from €9.90*
Rieser Hazelnut Oil 0,1L

Content: 0.1 Liter (€48.00* / 1 Liter)

Rieser Organic Hazelnut Cream 180ml

Content: 0.17 Kilogramm (€38.24* / 1 Kilogramm)

Rieser Haselnusssahnelikör 0,35 Liter Steinkrugflasche

Content: 0.35 Liter (€27.14* / 1 Liter)


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