Our Pistachios and almonds

Our pistachios are sourced from the picturesque region of Castillia La Mancha in Spain. In Spain, water scarcity is a major problem due to climate change and insufficient agricultural policy to constructively tackle this problem.

In the past, maize and cereals were the main crops grown in this region. Since the 1980s, a switch has been made to pistachios, as pistachios are considered to be very resistant to drought. Pistachios are therefore a sustainable alternative with low water consumption.

Our supplier only grows the Kerman and Larnaca varieties.

Around 30-40% of the pistachio cultivation area is organic.

80 per cent of the world's almonds are grown in California and exported to 90 countries worldwide. Our almonds, however, come from the almond region in the heart of Sicily, where the trees have been cultivated since Roman times. We source the almonds from a main supplier who himself has 100 almond growers with an average of 2- 70 hectares under contract.

Harvesting takes place from August to September and is carried out by hand or mechanically by shaking the trees; different varieties such as Tuono, Genco, F.Cea and P. G. are cultivated and offered in organic and conventional quality.

Almond trees are susceptible to aphids and some fungal diseases, which are combated by the local almond growers using natural products.


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